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The client needed to optimize the services they offered in their specialized centers.


How do we carry out this project?

The client wanted to carry out a series of surveys of their professional clients to learn more about their needs and obtain insights. After the initial requirements analysis was prepared alongside the client, we decided to launch the campaign in two phases:

A first phase focused on gathering the opinion of our client´s professional clients.

A second phase focused on the analysis and visualization of the survey results and the preparation of an actionable report of conclusions.


We conducted the survey in several waves, segmented by country of origin, of the client's entire database of professional clients. The survey was carried out on the Google Forms platform. We built the visualizations of the survey results on the Tableau Desktop platform. We chose it for its excellent analytical capacity and its ability to extract business conclusions. An interactive visualization was built on the platform that allowed the client to consult the results of each survey milestone, make comparisons, detect trends and gain key insights into what the group's clients thought about their work. The survey gathered opinions on questions around customer satisfaction at various levels.


Data analysis on Data visualization

An actionable dashboard that allows the client to make decisions based on the opinions of their professional clients, which is a key segment for their business.


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