We collect data and transform it into actionable insights. We design growth hacking and conversion rate optimization (CRO) tactics to attract and retain more customers. We advise clients on the use of data according to the systems they already have or on new channels where advanced analytics integration is required.

Our Capabilities


    We help clients overcome the challenge of obtaining dynamic information from websites and apps. We also analyze events and users’ actions to generate more effective marketing, customer service and customer experiences. We are experts in implementing the data layer for analytical solutions based on tag managers like Tealium and Google Tag Manager.


    Customer Journey Analytics
    The revolution in the field of digital analytics has turned the way we consume, use and handle data on its head. The challenge is no longer knowing if a user visits certain web pages and for how long, it’s being able to analyze the journey of each of our consumers and users through each point of contact with our brand, on or offline. If our clients are communicating with their users on several channels, the way they analyze these interactions should be omnichannel too.


    We accompany and support them in their projects to analyze their users’ behavior across their channels. This can be done by implementing and understanding the right technology stack based on specific needs and characteristics.

  • CRO

    Conversion Rate Optimization
    Our CRO strategy is based on a 360-degree customer behavior analytics approach. It begins with a descriptive and predictive analytics process where we diagnose the health of the conversion processes defined in our clients' sites to understand WHAT (Brand/Product), HOW (Marketing) and WHERE (Channel). We use this knowledge to deploy a methodology based on tactics and experimentation, with cycles of hypothesis formulation, experiments, analysis and actions that continually follow one another to enrich and optimize each step of the process.

  • Soluciones y resultados


    We address one challenge common to all of our clients – how to increase ROI by acting on key levers like attention processes, meaning, emotional value and user analysis of a product or service. We design and deploy the strategies that best fit the buyer persona of each brand. We use references from rating systems, reviews and comments and promote users to share their opinions.

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